Baroque Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

Introducing our stunning pair of Baroque Pearl Earrings, gracefully set on a 9k white gold shepherd hook. These earrings exude elegance and sophistication, making them a perfect accessory for any occasion.

The centrepiece of these earrings is the exquisite Baroque pearl, boasting a length of 30mm. Baroque pearls are renowned for their unique and irregular shapes, adding a touch of artistic allure to the earrings. Each pearl is meticulously selected for its lustrous surface, captivating iridescence, and individual character.

The shepherd hook design crafted in 9k white gold adds a modern and refined touch to the earrings, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The white gold complements the natural beauty of the pearls, creating a harmonious combination of precious metal and organic gemstone.

These earrings are not only available in the presented size but also offer versatility with various pearl sizes and diamond tops. We understand that each individual has their own preferences and style, and we are delighted to accommodate your specific desires. Please don't hesitate to enquire about the different options available, including alternate pearl sizes or the addition of dazzling diamonds for an extra touch of glamour.


To schedule a viewing of this item in person, please contact us by clicking the contact button and sending us an email. We would be delighted to arrange a time for you to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of this piece firsthand in our Mosman studio. 


Pearl length - 30mm

Precious Metal
White Gold
Yellow Gold

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Orders are available for pickup on arrangement. Options available at checkout.

Care & Maintenance

Errai Jewellery advises that is is important that no chemicals, lotions or perfumes get in direct contact with your jewellery since harsh detergents can damage the gold, stones and pearls. Errai Jewellery also advises to take care when cleaning, showering, swimming and at the gym. Following this advice will protect your pieces and ensure longevity.

Please bear in mind diamonds, gemstones and pearls whilst wearable must be protected from impacting hard surfaces. All jewellery should be worn with care.

We suggest that you store your jewellery in pouches or boxes to ensure minimal scratching and tangling.

For any questions or queries related to caring for your jewellery please contact us. 


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