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Meet Milly and Olivia

We’re here to help you create the perfect piece of jewellery for a special occasion. We want the beginning of your story to be as memorable as the piece you ultimately create, giving you precious memories that will last a lifetime.


We are Milly Rees and Olivia Kwan, two Sydney based friends united by our mutual love of jewellery and precious gemstones. Both qualified gemmologists that have worked in the industry locally and overseas for top jewellery houses Tiffany, David Morris and Christies.

We know that jewellery isn’t just jewellery, it’s a memory. Each piece has a unique story. From how and why it was purchased, where the stones come from, who gifted it or what it symbolises.

Jewellery is used to celebrate some of life’s most special moments with items like engagement rings and wedding bands. It is also used to mark major milestones celebrating births and anniversary’s or just to show someone how much you love them.

The longer you wear it, the less it becomes an accessory and the more it becomes a part of the person wearing it.

We love being part of that story,

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Whether you already have a design in mind or need some inspiration, we offer an initial 30-minute design consultation to talk through your ideas. We’ll provide information and start the process of creating a custom-made piece of jewellery for yourself or someone special.

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