Size Guide - Rings

To estimate your own ring size measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits comfortably and use this measurement with the diameter in this guide provided below.

As an example if the diameter of a ring you currently own is 16.51mm inside diameter then your Jewellery Co ring size is an Australian Size M – US size 6.

While the US ring size formula is the most commonly used, there are many different international ring size guides as well. Not every country has its own ring size.  For example, Canada and the U.S. share numeral ring sizes, while Australia and New Zealand follow the U.K. ring size.

If you are not sure what your Australian ring size is you can always consult a conversion table, such as the one shown below.

Please note this is a guide and the most accurate way to know your ring size is to visit an actual jeweller who can measure your finger size for you.

  Errai Ring Chart


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